AN Plus (Eko acrylic sealant)

AN (acrylic sealant)

MG (Expanding sealant)

SN (Fire rated silicone)

Fire rated sealants


Fire sealing strips

Intumex LXP

Intumex LW

Intumex LFC

Intumex L

Intumex L-HP


Pipe sealing

RS10 (Pipe sealing)

Wrap (Pipe sealing tape)

RS50 (Pipe sealing Dim 315-600)

Safety starts with planning. The larger a building is, the more people are planned to be in it, the more important it is to have good fire resistance. Again and again proves to traditional fire protection are inadequate. The weak points are found where pipes, cable trays, ventilation ducts and other places where fire can penetrate. To prevent these problems, INTUMEX developed a product that is guaranteed to eliminate the chance of fire.

Fire seals

Fire rated mastics, Rockwool Board, Fire Stopping Brick and plug, Fire stopping Pillow, Intumescent Paint, Fire rated boards

Fire Sealing strips

Intumescent strips intended for the installation of doors, windows and fire glass, as well as for the sealing of Fire separating parts of the building.
Sitac Approved 6043/91

Pipe sealing

Heat expanding fire protection  materials for pipes.
PVC, PE, PP, ALUPEX, Insulated pipes, Fire Stopping Collar, Fire Protection wrap

Intumescent Paint

Waterborn Intumescent coating for the fire protection, Of Structural steelwork.
Fire rate 30-180 minutes