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Marcus Axelsson

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Silicone Trading has more than 30 years of experience in fire protection.

Silicone Trading was founded in 1985 and has since then had exclusive rights for distribution in the Nordic region for INTUMEX products. We work closely with architects and fire consultants. We help you to select the right products for the right purpose, and are always available for advise!

We have resellers all over Scandinavia! For example. in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo.

INTUMEX-fire sealing products are represented worldwide and can be termed as the market leader in passive fire protection.

Silicone Trading has everything for passive fire protection;

  • Fireproof strips for doors and windows,
  • We can also produce special sizes for unique structures!
  • Fire rated joint material,
  • Steel Protection Paint,
  • Fire protection boards,
  • Fire protection paint,
  • Fire Protection Mortar,
  • Injection molding products,
  • Pipe sealing and various solutions for plumbing and electricity.
  • Fire classes from EI30-EI120.

Safety starts with planning. The larger a building is, the more people are planned to be in it and the more important it is to have good fire safety. Again and again it proves that traditional fire protection are inadequate. The weak points are found in pipes, cable trays, air ducts etc.

To prevent these problems, INTUMEX developed products that are guaranteed to eliminate the risk of fire spreading.

The risk of fire and hot gases combined, are completely eliminated when INTUMEX used correctly. INTUMEX also show their superior qualities for sealing, for example, doors, windows and architect-designed systems. Gaps between window / door and its frame is a traditional problem area, which can be guaranteed maximum protection in case of fire if it is sealed with INTUMEX.

Even facades with high standards of architecture can be protected against fire.